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Ganotherapy is an alternative medium that uses Ganoderma as an effective exponent of human body's natural healing capabilities. Thousand of years ago in China, Ganoderma has been revered as the "King of Herbs". It ranks number 1 amongst the variety of Chinese...
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Directions For Using Ganoderma

Dosage Directions To maintain health: initial dose (first fifteen days), take one capsule before breakfast, and one before going to bed. After fifteen days, once a day is sufficient. (Each time one capsule). However, it may be...
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What is Reishi Gano ?

Reishi Gano is a kind of mushroom essence (ganoderma lucidum) widely known as ‘King of Herbs’. it is established to have great effect for: Scanning diseases Cleansing toxins Regulating body functions...
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What is Ganocelium?

Ganocelium is the mycelium of ganoderma lucidum. It supplies a whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals supplement to our body. It serves as : Brain tonic Oxygen supplier Basis for body growth Contents of GL Polysaccharides Organic germanium...
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Is it really true that Ganoderma is the savior of modern diseases and is a...

By Yukio Naoi of Kyoto University Foodstuff Scientific Institute “Is Ganoderma really a universal medicine?” “Let’s not talk about the diseases prevalent in history, but of modern diseases. In order to find answer, we have investigated...
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Reports from Japan. The Japanese medical field has confirmed that...

Physicians all over the world are concerned about high quality medicines. A new medical term “Adaptogen” has been coined to indicate the specific effects of Ganoderma.
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Knowledge of Ganoderma (in China called Lingzhi) and the method for...

Since thousands of years ago, ganodermas, member of the family of fungi, have been considered by Chinese people as a kind of wonder drug that promotes longevity. Details and different names are in the historical Chinese Medical books such as “Sheh-Nung...
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