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YES! I'm Joining Mizrach Dynamic Team Now

Dear Prospective Business Partners:

Welcome to Mizrach Dynamic Team!

To join the DXN Mizrach Dynamic Team, kindly follow the instructions written below:

  1. Jot down the name of your Sponsor as listed below. Copy his/her name and Code No. (VERY IMPORTANT);
  • For membership from the Philippines, your sponsor is CHERYL GRACE YU / Code # 064939154
  • For membership from the UAE, your sponsor is T.B. SAJEEV / Code # 141075504
  • For membership from the USA, your sponsor is FRAN ARTEAGA / Code # 128612391
  • For other countries not yet listed, your sponsor is HERNANDO ADRIANO / Code # 064882888

We are looking for business minded leaders so we can expand our network to other countries. Confused or don't know where to start? Contact us and we will guide you on how you can be a DXN distributor under our network in your own country

  1. Visit the nearest DXN Service Center in your place
  • Note: For USA membership, you can also can apply online. Click here and make certain that the Sponsor written is the same as the one indicated above. Just follow the instruction online and proceed to step # 7
  1. Secure DXN Distributorship Application Form from the service center, stockists or distributors;
  2. Read the Rules and Regulations on Ethics for DXN Distributors and agree to abide by these rules and regulations before filling in the form;
  3. If agree, fill-in the Distributorship Application Form (all details must be complete and accurate). Online registration is available in some countries;
  4. Submit the accomplished form to the stockist, service center or at the main office in your area;
  5. A cash bill and a temporary card (white) will be issued immediately.
  6. Contact us stating that you have registered as DXN member and a DOWNLINE of our member here.
  7. Upon verification that you registered under our network, your NAME and CODE NO. will be posted on this site.
  8. Attend FREE BOM (Business Opportunity Meeting), Ganotherapy and other DXN trainings/seminars being held in your area; and
  9. Start promoting your DXN biz to your friends from different parts of the globe.


  • Married couple is required to apply as joint distributors using one single distributorship code. If the company finds that a person registers as a DXN distributor after his/her spouse has done so, the later registration will be nullified or the entire group will be transferred to the earlier registration.
  • is your business partner who will train and help you to become successful in wellness industry.
  • DXN is the best MLM company in the world that will boost your mental, moral, social, spiritual and financial status in life.

Congratulations and welcome to DXN Mizrach Dynamic Team.