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Looking for an online DXN store? Find out where you can buy a DXN product worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About DXN (6)

You can join DXN under our network by going to our sign-up page and follow the instructions stated depending on your country of residence.

In the Philippines, in only a span of four years, the prestigious Consumers League of the Philippines (Conphil) has chosen DXN Philippines as the Most Outstanding Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company under Health Care category in 2003. On the same year, it was enlisted as one of the Top 5,000 Corporations in the Philippines. DXN was ranked 551st overall, which no other MLM company was able to achieve within the same period.

Our commitment to maintaining our competitive advantage by providing high-quality products at low prices is evident. In Malaysia, DXN earned the distinction of being included in the most prestigious Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) and continues to be one of the top gainers. This only means that our investors have high level of confidence in DXN business. Rest assured that DXN would be a long-term business for you.

We have and will always keep the interests of our business partners in our heart. Apart from our very attractive bonus plan, our “One World, One Market” plan prepares the way for you to penetrate into the international market; a single membership with DXN enables you to establish your business anywhere around the world. To date, our aggressive leadership has paved the way into markets like Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, India, Philippines, USA, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Sri Lanka among others.

The growth and life span of any company lies in the strength of its products. The flagship product of DXN – the Reisho Gano (RG) & Ganocelium (GL) – is a superior health food products catering to the ever-increasing demands of this health-conscious world. The efficacy of these products alone is proven through many testimonies received from our 2.5 million consumers based worldwide. RG and GL is a record-breaking products. These products have benefited and helped many people. And on top of enjoying a healthy life because of DXN products, members are assured of lucrative bonuses. The assurance of an excellent product with growing awareness and steady demands, together with a committed company mission holds many promises for an investment that you can be proud of.

DXN was formally launched in Malaysia in December 1993. There are over 40 international branches and main stockists worldwide to date. It is a member of Direct-Selling Association of Malaysia.

About DXN Marketing Plan (4)

No, you will only need to qualify and maintain your Personal PV at the country where you are registered.

You can also choose to maintain your PV at the country that is most convenient for you. However, you must understand and follow the requirements and policies of that country. (You are limited to maintain PV in ONE country)

DXN Bonus Plan's seamless procedure allows members to sponsor friends or relatives in all countries worldwide where DXN has operation. Simply give your Name and ID Number to the prospective downline and request them to visit DXN's local office to process membership registration.

There is NO monthly minimum requirement for the Independent Distributor. However, a member is required to have at least a minimum Personal PV in order to receive Bonus (minimum PV varies in every country).

If the member ranking is above Star Agent, a minimum Group PV is required to entitle the member for the Development Bonus.

PV stands for Point Value. Different point values are assigned to different products. The points will accumulate month by month from your personal purchase and your group purchase. At the end of every month, the Total PV accumulated will reflect upon your latest position/rank (from 6% to 25%).

SV stands for Sales Value. The bonus amount will accumulate from your personal and group purchase and be used to calculate the amount of Bonus that you will receive.

About DXN Products (2)

Producing high quality products has been, and still is, DXN’s commitment to consumers. Since its inception, DXN has strived to meet international standards and recognition. To date, DXN has the approval of the Philippines’ Bureau of Food and Drugs. It has met the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), with ISO 14001 (environmental management systems) and ISO 9001(for quality requirements in business); Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of Malaysia, and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia. DXN products also complied with the “HALAL” requirements according to Islamic law.

Our founder, Dr. Lim Siow Jin, has spent more than a decade in the research and development of mushroom cultivation technology. Through this R&D, he has developed a special technology that is capable of producing a 100% yield of high-quality mushroom. Furthermore, of the 3,000-plus mushroom species known, 2,000 are edible and 200 have therapeutic effects, and only six of them have the highest quality. Our special cultivation technology have consistently produced these six species, namely, Kimshen Gano, Peacock Gano, Heart Gano, Liver Gano, Brain Gano and Ruyi Gano. These facts account for the consistent and superior efficacy of our RG/GL.

About DXN Self-Rolling Plan (8)

In the words of DR. Lim he said that all the while we are promoting the DXN business as being successful in 3-5 years. In today's situation, this is too long. The Investment plan assures success in 3-6 months

DXN did not change the original marketing plan. What was done was to emphasize the investment approach to the implementation of the DXN business.

Definitely not. The suggestion to start the system by inviting 2 is just a way to make the scheme simple. Nobody is deterred to invite more than two a month. Compensation is still given even if only one performs.

In as much as we are encouraging everybody to create a new line to implement the Investment Plan, you will find out that income will be even bigger if you work on your old line.

In doing the Investment Plan, the Foundation is still the DXN MLM system, nothing was change. The Investment Plan was designed to accelerate the network and financial growth. Everything is treated as money investment from registration and purchasing of HEALTH products. Duplication of similar investment to at least 2 people esch month will result to return of invested money in 3-6 months and earning of millions in less than a year. If this proposition is attractive to you, much better. Or a member can do the usual way of conducting his/her DXN business.

DXN is an independent Distributorship business, which is actually an investment of your money, skills, time etc. For argument sake, this Investment Plan can work in any Business that offers similar facilities such as what DXN offers. But in this particular time of economic difficulties, no company can offer what DXN does. This is already tested and proven in the international market for the past 15 years. (i.e. Products, DXN MLM System, Marketing Plan, etc.)

Yes! But success depends not only in performing the system but more on reliability of the company in offering better products and providing the best compensation plan for the distributors.

Yes! DXN MEXICO has started this Investment Plan with distributors investing US$100 per month to buy DXN products and encourage them to sponsor 2 people doing the same every month. DXN reported an overwhelming initial success resulted to increase in sale and distributors income.

About Mizrach Network (1)

You can join DXN under our network by going to our sign-up page and follow the instructions stated depending on your country of residence.

About MLM (2)

Statistics from Malaysia's Trade Ministry have shown that Malaysia is one of the countries around the world that have turned in Billion US Dollars annually from the MLM industry alone. MLM products are so pervasive that you can hardly escape from being involved in this industry one way or another. As such, the wise move for you is to jump into the bandwagon and start reaping the benefits of your membership. You will gain much wealth, health and friends from your network.

Multi-Level Marketing business or simply MLM is fast becoming a trend in the Philippines with a lot of individuals from all walks of life getting involved in it. The conception of MLM business in the country is considered a phenomenon because of the primary benefits each member can get from its products as well as the financial advantage they can gain from joining in this business.