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Ganotherapy is an alternative medium that uses Ganoderma as an effective exponent of human body's natural healing capabilities.

Thousand of years ago in China, Ganoderma has been revered as the "King of Herbs". It ranks number 1 amongst the variety of Chinese healing herbs, with its detoxification/cleansing in the body, restore system balance and helps strengthen immune system and cell integrity.

The informations here are derived from a booklet written by a distinguished practicing Ganotherapy Specialist, Dr. Lim Siow Jin, a graduate of the Institue of Technology in India. During his studies, Dr. Lim developed a keen interest in mushroom and its relationship with human health and has carried out research and scientific analysis of the species for more than 10 years. He had graduated at the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines. The recommended intake is thus based on his many years of Ganoderma researched

Furthermore, this page is intended primarily to provide additional information as to how Ganoderma works in the body for those millions of people who want and need to improve their health thru the remarkable use of Ganotherapy.

This will be an invaluable guide to those who are already practicing Ganotherapy and who are planning to practice this form of therapy.