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DUPLICATION . . . The Real Key to MLM Success!

We all want success in the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry, did we? Of course! Granted that “SUCCESS” means something different to everyone… However you MUST be able to duplicate your efforts through other people to achieve massive success!

For some people, success could mean just selling some product here and there, thereby making a couple of hundred dollars extra every month.

For others it could mean “going for the gusto” and achieving financial independence. For that matter, “success” for some people could mean meeting their “Life Partner” through the business! (I can just hear you go…“What”?)

Believe it or not, some people will come into your business for the social aspect of it! The reasons for joining the industry are as varied as the people themselves.

However, the main reason people join an MLM opportunity is because of the massive income potential. For THAT you need to accomplish the REAL key to long term success, that is to say . . . “DUPLICATION”!

What does “Duplication” mean? Well, according to the dictionary it means … “To make an exact copy of”, “To repeat” etc.

In practical terms in our industry, it means teaching, showing and helping other people to repeat or carry out a series of actions.

Often times, we heard that the key to success in MLM is duplication, but duplication can come in two forms-the “RIGHT” and the “WRONG” duplication.

I’ve heard so many times from frustrated distributors: “I just can’t get my people to duplicate” Really? Maybe its time to see what’s really going on… maybe they are trying to duplicate a "HARD & WRONG" stuff.

So why is it that most MLMers have such a hard time duplicating the RIGHT stuff? It’s because they’re not following a “system!” See, if you have a “success system” in place and you duplicate THAT, then you’re on your way to success.

The problems start when people get trained by so many different “gurus” and “experts,” who all have their own techniques or unique ways of doing the business.

This result in making the business more complex-complexity is NOT duplicable. Complexity leads to confusion, and confusion leads to PARALYSIS!

So what is duplicable? SIMPLICITY! It’s been said that everyone is unique and as such have different hot buttons … you can’t say or do the same thing to everyone and expect the desired results …

That may well be true but on the other hand, you can’t do this right to the wrong people, and you can‘t do this wrong to the right people. See, the right people will not confuse the message with the messenger! They’ll see your opportunity for what it is and join you!

Therefore the key is to follow and teach a system of simple “action steps” which can then be followed and carried out by the average person.

Why? Because average people will make up the majority of your prospects and will then subsequently make up the majority of your distribution force.

So if there’s a simple step by step “Action System,” your organization will find it simple to learn, simple to follow, simple to carry out, and simple to teach! THAT, my friends-is the REAL key to succeed in MLM-DUPLICATION.


Answer: YES and YES!!!


  1. JUST MAINTAIN THE REQUIRED MONTHLY PV (Point Value) in the country where you are registered or make it 3x as stated in the SELF-ROLLING INVESTMENT PLAN; and

  2. SPONSOR 1-2 PEOPLE for 12 consecutive months.