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Wellness Revolution: The Next Trillion Dollar Industry

In the 70's it was the MICROWAVE.

In the 80's it was the VCR.

In the 90's it was the INTERNET.

People who have positioned correctly on these dates became millionaires and billionaires!!!

What do you think is going to happen in the next few years? Are you going to RIDE or MISS this opportunity?

World renowned and respected economist and author, Paul Zane Pilzer, former economic advisor to two United States Presidents and the Editor in Chief of Success Magazine, predicts that Wellness Industry will be the next major force in business on the planet, reaching 1 TRILLION dollars by the year 2010.

In "The Next Trillion: How the fortunes of the new millennium will be created in the Wellness Industry", Pilzer exposes the truth about why half the US population is unhealthy and overweight: Americans have become caught between the economic interests of the trillion-dollar food industry and the trillion-dollar healthcare or "sickness" industry.

Pilzer explains why consumers will turn away from consuming more material goods and instead seek to achieve internal self-improvement - healthier foods, vitamins, nutritional supplements and fitness programs - and why consumers will create a virtually limitless and sustained demand for wellness-based products.

Paul Zane Pilzer writes in his book The Wellness Revolution: How to Make a Fortune in the Next Trillion Dollar Industry –

"The greatest opportunity in all products of new technology, traditionally and in the future is in the DISTRIBUTION of those products," he writes, "… the real money is made by people who carry that invention from the laboratory to the consumer, and make an impact on that consumer's life. Those people are the DISTRIBUTORS of Wellness Products and Services.

We are starting to see the emergence of a wellness distribution business... a business of people who educate people about products and services that will improve their health and develop customer relationships and then people will go back to their distributor of that product for more and more information on food and health.

The number one reason of all reasons (people) turn on the Internet is to find out information about health and wellness. HEALTH is the most popular subject on the web.

Ten years from now...we will look back on this time with the Internet as the BEGINNING of the health and wellness information EXPLOSION that the Internet is causing."

Pilzer pries back the cover on the food and medical industry and informs his reader of the "problems" and "dangers" which are occurring in these two industries. It is a fact that the majority of the population is a victim and almost all are completely unaware of the dangers. In fact, Pilzer's research reveals 77 million people suffer from some form of overweight problem and 37 million people are clinically obese (which is detrimental to their health).

The mega movement will become a Trillion dollar industry by 2010. Pilzer details what this wellness industry involves and how it has evolved over the last decade (1990-2000).

Health and nutrition industry is just barely getting started and is about to literally explode into the next mega trend (especially for the baby boom generation). This book may seem like a fire cracker at first, but in a few years, time will reveal that it was actually an atomic bomb and it hit its target right on the bulls-eye.

Nobel-prize winning economist and economic advisor to two presidential administrations, Paul Zane Pilzer offers irrefutable proof that the next major boom in industry will lie in the industry of "wellness" as opposed to the $1.5 trillion dollar "sickness" industry.

The baby boomers (who have been used for years as an indicator of where economic growth will occur) will create an entire industry that simply doesn't exist yet. The present $200 billion wellness industry is only the tip of the iceberg compared to what's coming. Outstanding! You may agree with me that the coming "wellness revolution" may influence our lives more than the automobile and the personal computer.

The wellness revolution will dwarf the Internet millionaires and billionaires of the 90's.