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Introduction to Organic Germanium

  1. It is a substance completely different from any previous medicine

  2. It can adjust the electric potential and has a magical electronic effect within the body.

  3. A substituting oxygen function.

  4. It improves tissue cell activity by increasing oxygen within the body.

  5. It eliminates PCBs and food poisoning.

  1. The Magic Source at L.L.L.

    There is a small village named L.L.L. at the boundary between France and Spain in the Pyrenees Mountains. There is a water source there called ‘Magic Spring Water’.

    Three to four million handicapped persons, or patients with incurable diseases have come there from different parts of the world, to drink the spring water or to carry some back home. Newsweek Magazine, published August 9, 1971, reported the following story: A three-year old girl suffered from kidney cancer. Although a kidney was removed, the cancer had already spread throughout her body. She had become very thin, weak, and had completely lost her hair from the chemotherapy. She was very pale. Doctors thought that no medicine could save her life. Her parents then took to L.L.L. to drink the water spring, however, her condition did not improve. Her parents were deeply disappointed. Three days after her return to England, the girl sat up in the bed and ate some oranges. A few days later, her symptoms disappeared, and her health was recovered. A photo of the lovely girl was on the cover of the magazine.

    Afterwards, this was discussed widely by the medical field in Scotland. Since then, there have been many publications and photographs about ‘The Magic Water’ at L.L.L.

    A Japanese doctor of engineering, Dr. Kazuhiko Asia, analyzed the L.L.L. Magic Spring Water’, using the “Atomic Absorptive Spectrum Method’, and found that the water contains organic germanium. Based on this knowledge, further research was done on some Chinese herbal medicines. It was found that Busy Sophora (Sophorae Subprostratae rade), Comphrey (Symphyti herba), and Ganodermas, also contain a great amount of organic germanium.

  2. Why does the water, which contains germanium, performs such miracles?

    Germanium compound dissolved in water, is different from other medicines. It is a recent discovery which has changed people’s concepts of medicine. Based on modern Physics theories, the medical field has recently developed quantum biochemistry. The human body is composed of electrical microorganism. They have electrical potential. Brain wave scans are used to diagnose different diseases of the brain. The brain’s electric potential is different from a normal one. In the same manner, the stomach, liver, heart, kidney, etc. all have a specific electrical potential of their own. Whenever an organ becomes dysfunctional, the potential will be abnormal. The basic unit, of this electrical potential, is the electron, and in the human body, hydrogen ions are the influential electrons.

    Germanium changes abnormal potential to normal potential. Since the element germanium is a neutral semi-conductor, which is a peculiarly, active element in the electronic mechanisms, its electrons seize away other substances easily. Take cancer cells as an example. When cancer cells develop very quickly, the electric potential on the cell membrane s raised. At his moment, if germanium elements are in surrounding, they will seize the electrons of the cancer cells lowering the cancer potential, inhibiting malignancy and metastasis.

    However, if this element is to be used in biochemistry, such as the absorption system, metabolism or secretion, it has to be changed to an organic element, with a water-soluble nature.

    Note: In 1970, after 20 years research, a Japanese doctor, Dr. Asai, successfully produced water-soluble organic germanium, and obtained the international patent rights.

  3. Acting on oxygen centered molecular medicine, organic germanium can promote dehydrogenation and increase oxygen within the body.

    In order to maintain life, we eat food for energy. The metabolic process burns food to generate energy as required by the body. The end products of this process are carbon dioxide and hydrogen. Carbon dioxide is exhaled and hydrogen combined with inhaled oxygen, to make water, which is discharged from the body. For disposing of these wastes, a large quantity of oxygen is needed.

    Since organic germanium compounds binds to hydrogen, it has a dehydrogenating function acting as bonded oxygen and discharged. This leaves the oxygen in the body to be used more productively. In fact, organic germanium can be completely discharged within 20 – 30 hours, in the form of hydroxyl-germanium. Even trace amounts are eliminated, so it is not toxic to the body. (Based on animal experiments). Examination after consumption of organic germanium showed that the amount of oxygen in the body was significantly increased.

    Other Conclusions:

    1. Blood viscosity is lowered and skin color improves

    2. Because the oxygen in the body is more than adequate, the mind is clear and there is no tiredness.

    3. No yawning.

    4. Cures carbon monoxide poisoning quickly.

    5. Increases circulation to the extremities.

    6. Effective on stroke victim, by increasing oxygen in the brain.

    7. Promotes deep sleep

    As an example for further explanation, while rats were exposed to radiation until red and white blood cells were reduced by 50%. They were then injected with an organic germanium solution. Two weeks later, the number of red and white cells was completely recovered. Moreover, although the bone marrow, which makes blood, was destroyed by radiation, it also recovered its function. (Japanese Radiation Medical Association Vol. 18 No. 11)

  4. It is important to maintain the correct pH balance in the body. Acid contributions lead to a shortage of oxygen.

    Everybody knows that oxygen is the basic substance for maintaining life. It is quite clear that a shortage of oxygen is detrimental to the human body. Cells of the body are closely related to oxygen. If oxygen is insufficient, cells will degenerate. And if this occurs, it is easy to develop cancer.

    What factors produce oxygen deficiencies?

    First of all, food. A part of food changes to acidic substances, through decomposition after consumption. If one eats certain foods only, his constitution tends to be acid, due to acid and alkali imbalance, it is easy to become ill. This has been acknowledged by the medical field.

    If the blood is acidic, it contains too many positive hydrogen ions. Hydrogen ions and oxygen combine to make water. This is why there may be an oxygen shortage within the body. Accordingly, we must avoid any acid constitution.

    Second, one’s mental state may cause an oxygen shortage. Whenever the body becomes nervous the mental state is unstable, and hormone secretion loses its equilibrium, the blood becomes acidic, leading to an oxygen shortage and a sick body.

  5. Clinical experiments with organic germanium by Dr. Chirotaka Tanaka.

    Organic germanium is effective in the treatment of the following diseases: Arteriosclerosis, encephalorrhagia (cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis, encephalomalacia), complications of encephalorrhagia, menopause disturbances, heart disease (angina pectoris), carbon monoxide poisoning, other acute drug poisoning, gastric ulcers, hemiplegia, epilepsy, senile psychosis, stupor, chronic rheumatism, analgesia for cancer patients, Raynaud’s syndrome, etc.

    Based on his clinical experiments, it was proved that organic germanium passes through the human body without doing any harm and has no residual accumulation phenomena.

    Its efficacy includes:

    1. Regenerates old, weakening cells and recovers their vigor. This fact can be inferred from examining the case necrotic big toe caused by Raynaud’s Syndrome. Within two days, blood and pink color returned.

    2. Rejuvenates the body organs.

    3. Eliminates carbon monoxide poisoning quickly.

    4. Treats melancholia, senile psychosis, epilepsy, etc. There are four cases documented where the patients were almost completely cured.

    5. Prevents cancer from recurring after surgical removal. Suppresses cancer cells and prevent metastasis. It has a lesser effect in late stage cancer.

    6. Treats cerebral apoplexy and paralysis, poor circulation in the limbs.

    7. Treat heart disease, especially angina pectoris.

    8. Taking organic germanium will give one a cheerful mood, tiredness will be gone, the body will be energetic, deep sleep will occur, face color will improve, coldness in the limbs will disappear, nervousness will disappear.

    9. Relieves pain caused by prostasis.

    10. People with a good general health who take germanium may increase their mental capacity, energy, prevent cancer, and increase their immunity.

  6. Organic germanium does not have any side effects.

    1. After germanium is completely absorbed and metabolized, it is completely discharged from the body. This length for complete discharge depends on one’s personal constitution, and usually takes 20 – 30 hours. There are no side effects.

    2. Regarding it s toxicity, according to experimental results at Kita Sato University, mice’s Lethal Dosage value was 50 when they were given orally 10 grams or more. This proves that germanium is harmless.

    3. Variations in application. Though it is different from one person to another, in general, a few days, after taking germanium, time and quantity of wastes discharged is increased. The color of the wastes will change, too. There is no need to worry. It is a reflection of germanium’s efficacy. Urticaria may appear in people whose body contains denatured protein, after taking organic germanium for a few days, it is the opposition effect during denatured protein is being destroyed. The opposition effect: (a concept in Chinese medicine). The symptoms will become worse before they become better. Please continue to take. All symptoms will disappear in 5 – 7 days.

    4. Dosage: To maintain health take 0.1 0.3 grams per day. As a treatment, 0.5-2.0 grams per day. Drink dissolved in water.

  7. Germanium and public injury from food.

    Argument about public injury from food is increasing daily. Foods from polluted areas are all considered harmful. Cadmium and mercury poisoning are due to these heavy metals getting into and accumulating in the inner organs. In order to discharge these heavy metals out of the body, treatment is called for. It seems very simple. But effective medicines are few.

    Organic germanium is a kind of sesqui-oxide. The oxygen atoms in its surrounding become negative charge and form a network to compose, together with positive charge of organic germanium, as given below:

    Germanium composed in such a form will be eliminated from the body in 20 hours. The heavy metals will be carried out at the same time. This point has been proved to be true by pathologists conducting long-term animal experiments.

  8. It is also effective for P.C.B. poisoning (Polychlorobenzene)

    When chloric and benzenyl groups are combined to form organic chloride, they will be toxic. If dissociate chloric and benzenyl and become inorganic compounds, the toxigenicity will be lost and be discharged. There are many methods to separate chloric and benzenyl, using current molecular chemistry techniques. For instance, use radiation, or radiation of specific rays. Since organic germanium compound also have special effects in an electronic chemistry, during chemical experimental processing, chloric dissociating phenomena may be found. On another side, organic germanium may get into the intestinal blood vessels, to combine with blood cells to form a circulation system. This fact has been proven by pathological theory. Accordingly, it is especially effective in the treatment of liver, lung and cerebral cell disease, for those organs are rich in blood.

    The heavy metal and PCBs in the body will cause disease at the place where the blood quantity is large. (PCBs accumulate in subcutaneous fat, and are discharged with sweat). Organic germanium can get rid of heavy metals and decompose PCBs until it is poisonless. In other words, it may flow through the blood stream to eliminate harmful substances from the body.