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Directions For Using Ganoderma

  1. Dosage Directions

    1. To maintain health: initial dose (first fifteen days), take one capsule before breakfast, and one before going to bed. After fifteen days, once a day is sufficient. (Each time one capsule). However, it may be taken whenever there is pain.

    2. Patients with rheumatism, thrachetitis, or pain, should take twice a day, before breakfast and dinner, until the symptoms disappear. After that, once a day is sufficient. However, it may be taken whenever there is pain. (Each time one capsule)

    3. Seriously diseased patients with hapatosis, cancer, diabetes, apoplexy, should take more than three times per day, 1-2 capsules each time. If needed, 1-2 capsules may be taken 4-5 times per day.

    4. Since many people have a sensitive stomach, it is better to take the first bottle after meals. After the first bottle, take it 30 minutes before meals.

  2. Cautions

    1. Ganoderma is a natural food, which can be taken with other kinds of drugs.

    2. In the morning after using it, you should take a slow jog or a brisk walk to warm up the body. You may take deep breath to get some fresh air, and to supply the body with more oxygen, improving circulation and the metabolism.

    3. Eliminate once a day

    4. Avoid foods rich in animal fat, fried foods, salty, canned foods, caffeine and spicy foods. Eat more fruits and vegetables and lean meals.

  3. Reactions

    1. Symptoms disappear

    2. Feel energetic

    3. Appetite increase, but body weight stabilizes.

    4. Sleep more deeply and soundly. Sleeping hours will be reduced but will wake refreshed.

    5. Improved elimination

    6. “The opposition effect reaction”: A concept in Chinese medicine: the symptoms will become worse before they become better, because the cause of the diseases are being eliminated. After taking Ganoderma for three days, slight opposition effect reaction may result. It is not a side effect. Please continue to use. It is just a result of its efficacy, and the reaction will be different for each individual. Not everyone will experience this reaction, as it depends on the amounts of toxins in the body that are being eliminated. In general, one who has hypertensive constitutions, or who takes large amounts of chemical drugs, will easily have such a reaction. Sometimes, urticaria may appear, on the face or the body, or even in the mouth. Also, one may have edema, diarrhea, stomachache, fever tinnitus, blood pressure variation and increased excretion. These are not side effects. Do not worry. Continue use. The symptoms will lessen or disappear very soon.

    7. Some phenomena resulting from herbal medicine or alimentary therapeutics are considered as side effect of the drug. Actually, when these symptoms occur, the disease will be cured gradually. Someone even emphasized, “No opposition effect reaction, no cure.”

Opposition Effect Reaction – Becoming Better Reaction

  1. When an acidic constitution changes to an alkaline one, the toxic substances within the body are being discharged. At this moment, different reactions will appear, generally within 3 – 10 days. Symptoms vary from one to another for some they may be light, for other they may be more severe. It depends on one’s constitution. When the symptoms have disappeared, one may feel very comfortable and energetic.

  2. When the body constitution is acidic, blood will be turbid. Diseases will appear in different organs. Be sure you do not develop an acidic body constitution.

  3. When a reaction is severe, the following symptoms could occur.

    1. Acidic constitution

      1. Very sleepy, even in the day time

      2. Thirsty and dry mouth

      3. Urination at night, after gas passage

  4. For the following diseases, these reactions may occur only in the short period of time:

    1. Hypertension: heaviness in the head which may last for 1-2 weeks

    2. Anemia: nosebleeds for women

    3. Gastric disturbances: heat in the chest, poor appetite

    4. Gastric ulcer: pain

    5. Gastroptosis: heavy feeling in the stomach, hiccough

    6. Enteropathy; diarrhea

    7. Hepatopathy, hiccough or vomiting

    8. Cirrhosis of the liver: bloody stool

    9. Renal disease; protein level may suddenly drop, slight edema in the face

    10. Diabetes: blood sugar may rise, slight edema in the hands and feet

    11. Hemorrhoids: bleeding may occur occasionally

Occurrence of “Opposition Effect” Reaction

  1. Nine out of ten patients may have this reaction

  2. Patients who have this reaction will have faster results from Ganoderma

  3. Length of reaction: a light reaction may last 2-5 days: a severe one, 7-30 days.

  4. If the reaction is serious, reduce the dosage, or see a doctor to relieve the symptoms first, then continue to use until the reaction has been eliminated.

  5. Some may experience the reaction 3-10 days after beginning treatment with Ganoderma. Some may have the reaction 2-3 months later. The reaction is not limited to one experience only, unless the disease has been completely cured.

Why Ganoderma has “No Effects”

In general, after consuming one bottle, one may feel its effects. If you have taken it continuously, it will improve your health. However, some people may experience no effects at all. The reason are listed below:

  1. It was not taken at definite time, or the recommended dosage was not followed

  2. Stop using when the “opposition effect reaction” occurred

  3. Diet, exercise and style of living did not conform.

  4. Illness has lasted too long or too many chemical drugs have been used. The toxins within the body cannot be fully discharged.

  5. The severity of the illness varies after beginning treatment. Patients lose their confidence, so they stop talking. When the disease has not been completely cured there will be an oscillating phenomena, but pain may lighten little by little. Continue to use.

  6. Psychological factors. Accept others suggestion to stop taking

Note: The contents of this report are based upon research reports from foreign countries. That Ganoderma is suitable for use as a health food is confirmed by these research results.