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Myra Naga

"The burglars wanted my cell phone; I could not give it because my DXN prospects were stored in the SIM card that's in the unit. I tried bargaining with the robbers - I'll give my phone but they will leave the SIM card; but to no avail. I suddenly felt blood slowly gushing out beneath my rib cage. Luckily, a patrol car that was passing by alarmed and drove away the perpetrators."

Myra Naga was saved, including her contacts that eventually became her downlines. But her story neither starts nor ends here.

For three years, Myra had been dreaming of growing her measly P5,000 salary as a saleslady into threefold. She had to be frugal, even if her remuneration was uninviting for being pennywise. And although her earnings were not enough even just for her personal needs, Myra could not turn a cold shoulder to her likewise disadvantaged grandfather and aunt, whom she was living with.

Like any typical individual, Myra wanted to give a decent life to her family. She doesn't want any of them go through the pains she has been from her childhood.

The four corners of the house they were renting out in Smokey Mountain witnessed her daily prayers for "an opportunity that would change my and my family's life."

While on leave from work one day, Myra went to her aunt in Tondo, Manila; she had no idea that that visit would start a flourishing business opportunity. Triple Diamond Delia Plocios invited her to a BOM, to which she gave in without hesitation "because I want to have part-time job as well."

Much to her surprise, what she thought of at first would be her sideline became her principal income-generating endeavor. A neophyte in MLM business, Myra's dedication to her DXN business earned for her a bonus of 32,000 pesos on her third month.

Myra realized the potential of her new activity, thus, she left her job as a saleslady and focused on expanding her network.

"After one year, I qualified for and availed myself of the Hong Kong Travel Seminar Incentive. House and lot were the next things I had. Since then, I have received bonus monthly checks not lower that 30,000 pesos."

Myra's blessings have just started pouring in - another year after, a new townhouse and an Isuzu Crosswind were written on her list of acquired properties in doing the DXN business. On her third year, a Service Center in Cavite was put up under her name.

To top them all, Myra admits to gaining better self- confidence. Gone were the days when her superior in the department store she had worked in would assign her to man the stock room because Myra's timidity was not fit for the sales representative post. She has as well risen to having trust in her own capacities, far from a lady so speechless in front of people in corporate uniform.

With all the great changes that Myra Naga has found in her DXN business, she is grateful "to my upline, Delia Plocios; to Armand Imus and Noel Coronel; to my partners, Bernard Royales and Jun Nolan; to the Olongapo group; and to our leaders in the Center, Pastor Francis, Paul Migrady, Norma Francis, Paul Migrady, Norma Muron, Elma Repote, and Ronald Katipon."