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Milagros Bembo

"I live uncomfortably so they can live comfortably," says Mila Bembo, referring to the family she temporarily left in the Philippines. Mila belongs to the hundreds of thousands of Pinoys who work abroad, in her case, as domestic helper in Hong Kong.

Mila learned about the DXN business just like any other member did - through invitation - Triple Diamond Allan Esmeralda invited Bridgette It-Tang, who urged Mila to attend a seminar at DXN Hong Kong Office. "I refused at first because... I was already in another MLM company... and I thought it was just another networking company." Bridgette's persistence, though, finally got the nod of Mila, who found herself intently listening to CD Osler Sto. Tomas's explanation of the DXN business. "Among all the topics he discussed, what really caught my attention was Ganoderma's promoting of the longevity of life. I didn't focus much on the business side at the time. Instead, I was concerned about RG-GL."

After the seminar, Mila filled out a DXN registration form. But her enthusiasm on gaining knowledge about Ganoderma did not stop there. "I did my own researches too about Ganoderma and learned some clinical trials proving the efficacy of the King of Herbs." Thus, the RG-GL habit became part of Mila's daily routine, which gave her a first-hand experience of the healthful benefits that she just used to hear in seminars.

With the support of her upline and TD Allan Esmeralda, Mila found her way to doing the DXN business. She related her own accounts of the RG-GL routine to her immediate family members, friends, and acquaintances. A self-confessed verbally expressive person, Mila also found interested listeners of her DXN habit among individuals with breast cancer, brain tumor, ovarian disease, kidney problems, diabetes, and migraine among others. Sponsoring and inviting people were her next steps. Eventually, she found her network growing, as if before her very eyes.

Being a house helper in a foreign land has both advantages and disadvantages for Mila. "While I attend to the needs of other people, I cannot help pitying myself sometimes because I cannot take care of my own family. But my work here pays for the bills and puts food on the table of my loved ones."

She also has only one day off each week, which sometimes poses hardship to her networking. The first time Mila could talk to possible recruits is seven days away from the time she could speak to them again. "Their excitement sometimes dies down." But Mila's formula seemed to be effective. "I allocate my Sunday day-off as DXN time. If you are consistent in your allocated time, you can become successful. Consistency in inviting, centering, and training is the key. I'm happy I did it because it's worth it. Aside from my regular monthly salary, I am also earning additional compensation though an easy and competent way with DXN."

Mila's unwavering dedication to her new endeavor earned for her inspiring achievements this year. In March alone, she landed the Star Ruby status, then consequently got the Star Ruby distinction. Additionally, she was awarded the Top Sponsoring Overseas Group in Hong Kong, conferred by DXN Founder and CEO Dato' Dr. Lim Siow Jin.

"I know that DXN is the best company," relates the loving mother. "Doing the DXN business is a two-way process - you're helping other people boost their health, and eventually, you'll be financially eased."

"Nothing is impossible if we have the will. We should always find the means to hit success. Thank you to the people who introduced me to DXN."