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Jommel Bañez

I have been working from one company to another just to get the things that my family needs. But as what I can see from it, it is not always money that can make a man happy.

I am a nurse by profession, but started working as a disk jockey in Davao City. But my salary was not enough to support my needs. I was invited by one of the top media network to join them and in 1996 I was installed as the production manager of the first FM station of the same company in the city. I had a two-year stay with the company and eventually I transferred to another media conglomerate and became the marketing consultant of another FM station.

I was having a great time with my job until a shipping company invited me to join them as a marketing consultant for the entire Southern Mindanao. But the salary that I was receiving was not really enough to help me get my dreams in life as well as my time for my family since I have to work round the clock just to get the goal of the company. I was not able to see my daughter Janine grow up. This made me realize that you can never really turn back the clock.

GMD: how was DXN introduced to you?

Jommel: I’m so thankful to the Lord that he gave me a friend named Osler Sto. Tomas. He was used by the Lord as an instrument so that is why DXN was introduced to me. I met Osler in another company where my wife Ellen used to join, we were friends but I’m not under his group and I saw how he helped his lines.

GMD: what was your initial impression with the company?

Jommel: the first word that came out of my mouth when Osler invited me is “ANO YAN KAPE-KAPE NA NAMAN YAN” I uttered those words since I was so focused with the other company. But when uplines Osler and Art Suelto shared to me the marketing plan, I told myself “ito na ang negosyo na magpapayaman sa akin,” Because I drink a lot of coffee.

GMD: what made you decide to go fulltime?

Jommel: I decided to go fulltime since I found out that coffee is the second largest commodity in the world next to oil and that 95 percent of Filipinos drink coffee. I can really get my dreams come true with this company.

GMD: what was the biggest challenge that you encountered while doing the business?

Jommel: the biggest challenge that I encountered with DXN was the first 6 months operation of the company wherein there was a shortage of stocks here in Davao. But, that was easily solved with the help of my uplines.

GMD: is there any inspiring moment…

Jommel: One thing that inspired me a lot was when the blood sugar of my mom went down from 21.69mmol to 7mmol within 20 days. Another thing is, my waist line was trimmed down from 43 to 36 cm(?) with the use of Coffee and RG/GL capsules

GMD: what fuels your drive in continuing the business?

Jommel: what keeps me going is that of my dreams in life and want to give the best for my family.

GMD: so far, how do you describe the changes that were brought about by having DXN by your side?

Jommel: my life changed 180 degrees not 360, because you will go back to the start if you said 360 degrees. My life changed physically because I had trimmed down my weight, life changed emotionally since I can now slowly pay all my payables in life, life changed financially since I have now savings, life changed spiritually since I cling more to good for I saw how good and mighty he is in my life. I had quit drinking alcohol for almost five years. I was able to get two cars, my first was a Honda Civic and my new car is a Chevrolet Optra. My house that was living now is from DXN galing pako hanggang yero DXN galing. And of course because of DXN we have now our second daughter Trixie.

GMD: now that you have acquired all these things, what are your plans for the future?

Jommel: To expand my lines to other parts of the world.

GMD: how do you view DXN now after all the success?

Jommel: A company that touches lives for good.

GMD: would you mind sharing your success secrets?

Jommel: there is no secret to success. But what I can share to you is that believe in the company, believe in the product, believe in yourself, believe in your upline and believe in the lord that he will guide you in all your endeavors.

GMD: any messages for aspiring distributors?

Jommel: Believe in your dreams cause dreams do come true. Dreams plus actions is equals to realization of dreams.