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Joe Borleo

Perseverance landed him at a secured place on the way to the peak of the mountain he had earlier found himself going uphill on - earning a monthly bonus that's almost two years' worth of his previous."

He was like a being suddenly propelled into a strife that has to be fought on an uphill slope. To conquer the burgeoning number of opponents posed a boulder of risks. The inviting easy-way-out down the hill needs no more eenie meenie miney moe. But passion and responsibility had him choose to get trhough the hurdles. Will he reach the summit victoriously?

Joe Borleo had to juggle an eight to twelve long hours job of guarding a bank in Makati, and a part-time stint as cab driver, that would extend his working hours to sixteen. But a measly combined compensation of P7,000 proved to be unrewarding for Joe and his family’s growing needs. Oftentimes Joe would bring money only enough for his fare to and from the workplace he could barely buy a piece of candy.

He was hardworking – a diligent employee inspired by the dreams he has long wished to realize for his family. The answer to how and where to start with those dreams, however, has yet been unveiled to the unfortunate struggler.

Over a cup of Lingzhi Coffee one day, a friend who was catching up on Joe’s life segued to the health and wealth opportunities of DXN membership. The pleasurable aroma of the concoction was equally inviting for Joe in trying out his friend’s discovered fortune. Joe woul have nodded in that instant, had he not realized that the P800 registration fee’s already tantamount to a month-long resource of rice in their house, and that it would be a big subtrahend to his meager income.

Four weeks had passed until Joe finally took the trail to doing DXN business – starting from attending seminars to holding the BOMs himself, which broadened his knowledge on the Company and its products.

But, what’s this? What network expansion?

Joe’s job, understandably, had given him a chance to build kinship with only a limited few.

It helped, though that he had earlier recognized that his new endeavor is far from plant-now-harvest-right way hoax schemes. He figured he needed to be steadfast and focused on his goal.

Perseverance landed him at a secured place on the way to the peak of the mountain he had earlier found himself going worth of his previous. Moreover, and perhaps surprisingly, about 15,000 distributors under his network, of which seven are Diamonds, are now enjoying the hike with him.

For some it may seem that Joe is already near the summit. But the loving father and husband, who courageously faces life’s daily challenges for his family, would like to achieve even more.

Joe’s persistent efforts have had the gigantic obstacles squashed behind him. The passionate dreamer, though still inches away from the hilltop, could already wave the victor’s flag.