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Ferdinand Fagyan

He says his life used to be just like a jeepney ride. He rides and gets off; there was nothing much to expect, anyway.

His work as electrician usually gets him “feverish during night time because of the difficulties I face in the workplace” so he decided to shift into another activity to make a living. He tried selling fish by bicycle, thinking he could have more time with his family, and to help his wife working abroad with everyday expenditures.

Wrong detour, Ferdinand Fagyan later realized, as his newfound undertaking has all the more taken much of his time. “I’d get the fish at 2AM and try to be home after selling them at 6 – the time when my tow kids (then 9 and 7 year olds) would be leaving for school.” Even so, Ferdie saw his efforts as a way only to scratch out a day’s expenses.

Longing for a smoother course, Ferdie joined a networking company. His ride with it lasted for 1 ½ years, but as nothing happened, he saw himself going back to a coarse, dusty road again. “But at least that experience made me realize that I was a person of perseverance.”

Ferdie saw another route – towards DXN, through Alfred Limba. “I had decided not to join because most of my downlines from the networking company I came from happen to join DXN before I did.” Pride, in Ferdie’s personal note, had taken him.

But after being shown the marketing plan, Ferdie saw “the big difference” and got interested. He studied the Distributor’s Manual at home, and attended seminars held at the Head Office, bringing along a tape recorder for easy review of what had been tackled.

Slim resources seemed like flat tires, and indifferend (supposedly would-be) recruits were like an empty gasoline tank on Ferdie’s voyage to DXN. These could have made him back out. Nevertheless, his dreams for his family were stronger than any obstable he could see.

“When I saw DXN I didn’t just see dreams. The Company actually got me close to my dreams,” notes the family man whose life was once on the breadline. So close indeed that his bonus check read 109,000 when he reached the Star Pearl level.

The rewards inspired him even more to expand his network. He tried to talk to acquaintance. He extended seminar periods, devoting time even after regular office hours for those interested to listen. He courageously talked to total strangers.

His efforts were successful. He went sky-high a year after – Ferdie reached the Diamond level and reaped higher, better outcome of his sacrifices. Looking back, he sees live turning better for those who believed his good news; the skeptics remained unprogressive.

“DXN is a great gift from Above.” Ferdie admits to being humbled by his step-after-step hike to the top. I learned to have better interpersonal relationship and to handle finances wisely. My perspective broadened. DXN was like a battery that put a spark and molded my life,” he said.

His wife, who at first was distrustful of his DXN business but finally saw firsthand her hubby’s rewarding efforts, now does not have to leave the country for greener pasteurs, his tow children are now enjoying the good quality of education in the exclusive institutions they are respectively enrolled in – far from the crowded yet undersized school they used to receive their academic training from.

Ferdie capitalizes on a simple parallelism for his perseverance: “I feel like I’m a fish on the sand, gasping for breath, if I wont be able to realize my dreams.”

Ferdie is grateful to Alfred and Celsa Dorimbao, and the Diamonds under his line, for their perseverance and putting him where he is now.

“My life used to be just on a jeepney ride. I did not know if there would be flat tires, or if I could reach my intended destination, in the first place. With DXN, progress comes in a jiffy – it’s like a rocket ship ride.”