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Eraño Abeleda

Who would think that a specially-abled boy from Tondo, Manila, stricken by polio at age six, who was not able to step into college, will turn out to be the man that he is now – earning big, established, simply successful in this game called life. Eraño Abeleda or Elding as he is known by many, had his dreams devastated, his self-esteem wrecked and all hopes in life virtually robbed when both his legs suffered from polio.

Elding recalled the times when his father used to carry him on his back to and from school, as it is every parents aspiration to provide their children wotj education. He confessed that he really wanted to have a degree, but having nine other siblings, his parents had troubles sending them all to school given that their only source of income was from his father's photography.

With his determination, however, he tried almost everything to earn for himself. When Elding stopped his schooling, he ventured on selling barbecue and surplus appliances, operating a pedi-cab, which earned a measly pay of P30 a day, and repairing electric fans, he even saved copper wires to be sold per kilo. “Kahit ano na, basta mapagkakakitaan,” Elding said.

Yet, no matter how hard he tried, it seemed that fate was not on his side during those early times. On the verge of giving up, Albert Beso came into the scene and introduced DXN to him. Having a knowledge about MLM – yes, he also tried other company before though it did not pay off – he welcomed the thought of getting into one, again.

Armed with the right attitude and mind setting backed by a steel-tough will power, the P800.00 that he struggled to borrow from her mother had served as one of the keys that opened a new door of hope which eventually brought about his much deserved financial freedom.

During the early days of his networking, Elding with his group reached as far as Mindoro and Tuguegarao. He narrated that there was even a time where he needs to ride a carabao just to reach their prospective recruits, sleep in a wall-less hut for weeks, stay in an unfamiliar places for months, just to build a stable group.

It even reached a point where he wanted to smash his head against the wall out of frustration. “Hindi naman ako nagkakaroon ng problema noon,” he said, “hindi ganun kadali. Pero alam ko talaga na nandito ang pera, not only just for profit, makakatulong ka pa.”

Then finally, at the age of 30 and after almost three years doing DXN business, his earnings reached more than what he alone can consume. He bought a new Mitsubishi Adventure, an SUV that he said reflects his personality – adventurous.

Elding also plans to buy a new house next and get married by December. “Dati takot ako magkanobya eh, gastos, tapos iiwan ka pa, tapos iyak-iyak ka pa, pero ngayon hindi na,” He said with confidence.

He still had one humble thing that he wished to do for his parents, to take them to Baguio since her mother haven’t been there ever since.

True to what he believes in, Elding had been touching the hearts of others with his willingness to share his blessings. “May mga kamag-anak ako rito na nabago talaga ang buhay. Syempre di na nila ako malilimutan and at the same time, natutuwa ako para sa kanila, naging kasangkapan ako kung kaya sila umasenso.”

With all the blessings that continuously pour on him, Elding never forgot to give all the glory back to the Lord.

“Kahit anong larangan pwede ka yumaman pero sa DXN mabilis. Kung merong isang bagay na di ka makakaargabyado, di ka manloloko, makakatulong ka pa, DXN na ang no. 1,” he concluded.