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Edgar and Bing Hao

Letty and Devin Sihiyon, Sylvia and Nestor Ymbong walked into my office in March 2001 bringing a box of coffee, brochures and what I later found out as the DXN registration kit.

I never thought I will do MLM business again. Initially, I was never excited about DXN except for the fact that most of our friends have already joined. What came into my mind was just to try the coffee. I also asked Nestor how and how fast I can get the highest position in DXN, my way of gauging how long I will make it or it might just waste my time.

I am an impatient man, I might look cool and relaxed on the outside, but I treat everything with utmost urgency, particularly those I want done immediately. These situations create the challenges for me. These lead me to demand extraordinary performance from my team, request more support from DXN management and push myself far more than others to achieve my goals.

More than I can remember these are the highlights and exciting moments in my DXN life:

  1. Star agent in a month, star diamond in 5 months, and crown diamond in 4 years.
  2. R. Ramos DXN Service Center, where I am the SC Director, finally belonging to the Top 5 DXN Center in the Philippines.
  3. Instrumental in spearheading the following: Grand/Mega BOMs and Ganotheraphy; High Impact Success and Motivational Trainings.
  4. Improving Presentation Materials for BOMs and Motivational Trainings.
  5. Training and Business Presentations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Middle East and USA.
  6. Speaker during DXN 10th Anniversary in Alor Setar, Malaysia.

I realize that I can get solace and peace of mind everytime I am with DXN distrutors. If I feel stressed and bothered, I just go to the center and my whole mood will change. It must be the positive energy generated by being with DXN.

My two main reasons why I am in DXN are:

  • Helping other people - DXN is one of the few businesses that one can become successful by helping others become successful. A lot of my friends and former colleagues often come to me for help. But instead of straight dollout, better "to teach them how to fish than just outright giving them fish." This is by doing DXN.
  • Residual Income - Any traditional business, even how good it is today, can disappear tomorrow and so the income that goes with it. Conversely in DXN, work hard for 2-3 years and enjoy the benefit of residual income for the rest of your DXN life.

These reasons above, among others, are the ones keeping me with DXN.

DXN products, more than anything else, created the best impact on me. I was 248 lbs 6 months ago. I am now 198 lbs (52 lbs lesser and counting) after a daily regimen of 6 pairs of RG/RL and 8 tablets of Spirulina. I did this by substituting these to one of my meals as much as I can. Actually I am not dieting, because 6 pairs of RG/GL and 8 tablets of Spirulina have more nutrients than one ordinary meal can provide. This is the same suggestion I always give in the product portion of my BOMs.

Financially, DXN provides the extra income for extraordinary expenses without taking toll on our savings and budgets.

I always preach that in DXN, do not count the money but rather the number of people one brings to DXN. Then one will realize that these people will naturally bring the incomes that one never even imagined.

Personally, I am challenged by Dato' Dr. Lim's encouragement to open new areas and new countries for DXN. We started to do this in the USA three years ago, this year in Taiwan and Middle East; and hopefully later this year, South Korea. But I realized that the more one look, at far away places where DXN network can expand, the best area appears to be nearby close to home. This seems to suggest that the future is to maximize what can be done at home and spend some time to expand DXN through Filipinos living and working abroad.

DXN is still the same from Day 1 as envisioned by Dato' Dr. Lim. My accomplishments in DXN were made possible by DXN's vision of health and success. The same is available to anyone who believes and embraces this vision.

My being hungry for success and my relentless pursuit for excellence are the main reasons for success. The secret is to continue doing the DXN business until one becomes successful. Don't quit. Giving up is a sin.

For the new distributors, millions of people working on a job are struggling to get by on the salaries they earn, because their highest aim is only to hold on to the jobs that they currently have. They are where they are, solely because of the limitation they have set up in their own minds. Ninety eight percent of these people can never retire rich and early. Where do you want to belong? DXN is a way to get out of this box and start to belong to the 2% who can achieve financial freedom and retire early from working for other people. If you will not control your destiny, somebody else will.

For the leaders, you are enjoying your children, your family and your life because of DXN. It is your responsibility to share this opportunity to everybody, not to only your friends and relatives but to everyone. At the end of the day, you are worth not because of what you have, not even of who you are, but of what others have become because of you.