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Darren Vasquez

Anyone who believes that networking and leading authorized DXN Service Centers cannot purposefully and profitably coexist has not met Darren Vasquez. Possessing the will to succeed and the heart to provide service to duplicate that success among those who want it for themselves, Mr. Vasquez holds his own in bringing out the best in his network group and DXN business partners.

As if running two DXN Service Centers is not complicated enough, Mr. Vasquez keeps track of his business with noticeably cool and wide-eyed outlook. He is one of the youngest successful leaders around Metro Manila to have singlehandedly put up a strong network group. He has been a fixture in many corporate activities as a motivational speaker and host in Regional Sales Assemblies and DXN 6th Anniversary. Guided by motivation and wisdom from other DXN leaders, Mr. Vasquez continuously aims to better himself through many opportunities he face while doing the DXN business.

Growing up in his native Dumaguete City, Mr. Vasquez aspired for a well-paying job and comfortable life. He knew that he could only attain it elsewhere and decided to try his luck abroad. As a seafarer, Mr. Vasquez traveled the world but he is only committed to build a career in his homeland. He returned half-heartedly with no promising job opportunities he can reckon. There were times that living in the metro became unbearable, according to Mr. Vasquez. He didn’t have a home he can call his own and everyday life seemed a struggle that never ends.

Mr. Vasquez was introduced to DXN by what he calls a “stranger.” “’Di ko kilala ‘yung nag-invite sa akin at dahil nga hindi ako taga-Maynila, naging mahirap para sa amin,” he shares. He didn’t have a direct relationship with him but says that even though he was short of an upline, starting out in DXN taught him to struggle for success. “Ang success sa DXN ay hindi naman naka-base sa upline, naka-base ‘yan sa atin.”

Ever since he started DXN, Mr. Vasquez has been in the thick of things running the business. His wife would always check the registry, review and audit all accounts and purchases, and overall supervise the day-to-day activities of the Service Center. Mr. Vasquez, meanwhile, always ensures that scheduled trainings are in place and executed smoothly. Asked what motivated him to work hard in this business: “Sawa na kami sa hirap. Hindi mo naman pwedeng piliin ang iyong magulang at mahirap talaga ang buhay namin noon,” Mr. Vasquez recalls. “Nang kumita na ng kaunti, diniskarte na namin ‘yung pera namin.”

Over the years, not only has his business grown by leaps and bounds but also his Service Center echoed the same feat by consistently being listed as one of the Top 10 DXN Service Centers recently. Says Mr. Vasquez: “Dito kasi service is given priority.”

Service, says Mr. Vasquez, varies from selling DXN products to everyone, regardless of network lines or groups, and providing trainings to individuals. At the heart of any venture, it is only necessary to equip DXN members with the right tool for their needs. For those who are just starting their business, they are introduced to the ropes with proper modules and trainings.

Mr. Vasquez saw the significance of hard work and never let down by any business stumble. Instead, he joins Service Directors Arman Imus, Joseph Estrada, Delia Plocios, Romy Plocios, Zeny Aguito, Glenn Cebuano, Alvin Riberta, among others, in Service Center Directors in Motion – a proactive effort in helping other Service Center Directors improve their training and motivational talk needs. This is a roving activity aimed at strengthening greater commitment among members of DXN.

More than anything, DXN taught Mr. Vasquez self-confidence and improve his relationship with other people. “Iba ang ugali ko noon – narrow-minded!” he says. But upon recommendation by his own group, he slowly progressed into a respected young leader and speaker.

Mr. Vasquez advises that many people become more involved in DXN. “DXN is the right company. Ito na ang sagot sa problema natin dahil ngayon ay napaka-stable, napakaganda ng sistema, napaka-generous ng ating marketing plan. Kumbaga sa DXN, abot-kamay na ang ating mga pangarap,” Mr. Vasquez says.