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Bernardo Royales

He would have been painstaikingly pushing his fruitsloaded "kariton" (Cart) for more than 12 years now had he not entertained the thought of pursuing business that is totally different from his previous

Bernardo Royales, a Senior Star Diamond, is now far and definitely better from his early days in Bicutan as fruit vendor. Tough times on finances did not allow to enter college; fruit selling, he though, was his only way to survive.

The Kiving he makes from selling had been doing him good, until his wife, about to bear their second child, grew pale and weak due to a severe illness. "that was tough," Bernaed recalls. "I could not attend to our only source of income because I had to look after my wife." As expected, the family's resources had grown lesser until there was none left. He had no choice but to swallow his pride and ask help from his former co-vendors - five to ten pesos form some generous friends, at least, gave the family something to start the day with.

But Bernards, who, during his childhood has dreamed of rising from the ranks of the financially challenged, would not allow himself to lose. He made a deal with a close co-vendor to sell the latter's goods. In exchange, Bernard would get a portion of the sales.

Bernard was determined. He started even before the sunlight hit the streets. But hunger and frustration from goods not being sold slowly weaken him. He grew tired, and the cart heavy with fruit forcefully dragging him down the steep street. "I sat and cried. I though of my family; I left them nothing to eat or spend that day."

While busy with his selling one day, afriend introduced to him the idea of joining DXN. Bernard was uninterested. "My focus then was just to make both ends meet. Since I buy goods at night and sell them in the morning, I though i could not allot time for it."

But the persevering friend finally convinced Bernard to attend an orientation at the DXN office in Ortigas. Receiving a warm welcome and motivating insights from the speaker, "That's when i started to believe that there is another way to earn a living."

Bernard vowed to do well on his new endeavor. He shortened his time for selling and devoted hours for his DXN business. He had to set aside criticisms and supercilious comments from some of his friends and relatives, who are thinking that his lack of experience and education will hinder him from making it. "But the more they put me down, the more that I become stronger - to prove that I can and I will succeed."

True enough, barely six months after joining DXN, his bonus check hit 32 thousand pesos. Bernard now has a big reason to leave his "kariton."

But more than the monetary reward and the things that he can now easily buy with it, Bernardo is particularly grateful that DXN heled him realize his potential. "Fear was gone; I learned to be confident, and i developed a good sense of self-worth. I believe these factors continuously hone me for greater challenges ahead. You can see potential in some people, but that they cannot take advantage of it because of their fear. They limit themselves (from getting breaks)."

The only diffident fruit vendor now beams with confidence. From pushing heavy carts, Bernard now wishes to pull from difficulty those who would like to advance to greater heights.

Bernard owes his success to "the Lord, for guiding me to DXN; Dato' Dr. Lim Siow Jin, for being an instrument to that big change happened in my life; my uplines, Myra Naga, Delia Flores, Lilibeth Altar and Arman Imus; my downlines, especially my buddy John Nolan; Ma'am Bing of Training Department, for providing us with the information we need; my supportive wife; and tomy detractors, for the challenges they pose."